Vehicle Insurance Quotes Singapore
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Vehicle Insurance Quotes Singapore

Common problems :

Have you ever had an unpleasant experience getting your vehicle insured?

The chore of sourcing insurance quotes for comparison, dealing with agents who give you attitude and filling up cumbersome paperwork can make the whole process very painful.

What elloAuto does for you :

As a platform, elloAuto connects you to friendly and professional insurance representatives who can advise you across as many as 16 motor insurers in Singapore.

Not only do you save time from having to search and contact multiple insurers on your own, the process of getting your vehicle(s) insured will be simplified as much as possible.

Clients with insurance needs for specialist cars, commercial vehicles and fleets will find our platform especially useful.

Unlike regular cars, insurance quotes for some of these vehicles cannot be instantly generated as they require referrals to underwriters.

Through our platform, you will get to be serviced by dedicated insurance professionals who will diligently follow up with available motor insurers and simplify the entire process for you.

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