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Car Fleet Insurance Singapore

How many is a fleet of cars for fleet insurance?

The minimum number of cars needed to set up a fleet insurance policy varies from insurer to insurer.

In Singapore, depending on which insurer you want to be insured with, you need at least 10 to 15 cars with the same registration dates in order to start a fleet car insurance policy.

How does fleet car insurance work?

Fleet car insurance is typically sought out by businesses that own a fleet of vehicles, e.g. car rental companies, limousine transport services, companies who provide company cars for employees, etc.

The benefit of insuring vehicles under one fleet insurance cover is that it will be cheaper than insuring each vehicle separately.

There is also less paperwork involved as you only have to deal with one policy for a fleet of cars.

Fleets with lesser than 10 cars will have be insured individually under separate car insurance policies.

elloAuto connects you to licensed representatives to help you get access to fleet car insurance quotes from multiple insurers in Singapore.

With this service, you don't have to search for available fleet car insurance quotes on your own and the process of getting your fleet insured will also be simplified as much as possible.

Fleet insurance for car rental companies

Car rental companies with sizeable fleets will benefit from having commercial fleet insurance.

While insurers typically require at least 1 driver to be named for each private car, fleet insurance applications for rental cars do not need named drivers.

Unnamed drivers who are authorized by the policyholder (i.e. the car rental company) will be covered if the terms of the fleet motor insurance policy are observed and fulfilled.

The insurance excess imposed on rental cars is typically higher to mitigate the risk of having many different drivers.

If covered under the policy, young drivers and / or inexperienced drivers are usually subjected to additional excess as these drivers are considered higher risk than other drivers.

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