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Private Bus Insurance Singapore

Most people use the term ‘private bus’ loosely to refer to buses which are not public service transport buses.

But there is a difference between private buses and private service transport buses.

Private Bus aka Company Bus

There are 4 types of private service transport buses in Singapore:

More details about the designated use of each type of bus can be found at the LTA website.

Private buses are buses owned by companies to transport employees of the business or people linked to the business, at no profit.

According to LTA’s website, private buses are not to be used for chartered services, unlike excursion buses and school buses, which can be used for chartered services.

Private buses also cannot be used to transport tourists. Only excursion buses, operated by transport companies and tour operators, can be used to transport tourists.

Although private buses are termed as such, they are commercial vehicles which need commercial vehicle insurance cover.

Insured Vehicle Usage for Private Bus

A private bus is not likely to be insured for the types of vehicle usage which it is not registered for, i.e. vehicle usage other than the transportation of company’s employees and / or people linked to the business.

Should a private bus transport tourists or other companies’ workers for a fee, the owner / driver most likely has not used the private bus according to what it was registered for.

Generally, when a vehicle is not used within the Limitations as to Use stated in the Certificate of Insurance and it gets involved in an accident, there is no entitlement to indemnity because the terms of the policy have not been observed.

At elloAuto, we connect you to licensed representatives who can advise you on private bus insurance and get quotes from multiple insurers in Singapore.

With this service, you don’t have to search for quotes on your own and the process of getting your vehicle insured will also be simplified as much as possible.

To get insurance quotes for a fleet of private buses, make your fleet insurance quote request here or email to with the bus fleet details and someone will get back to you soon.

Types of Insurance for Private Buses in Singapore

Commercial vehicle insurance for private buses is commonly available in 3 types of coverage. Not specific to motor insurance plans from any insurer, the scope of coverage is generally as follows:

Comprehensive Cover
Third Party liability coverage + Fire and Theft coverage + Own Damage coverage

Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover
Third Party liability coverage + Fire and Theft coverage

Third Party Cover
Third Party liability coverage only

Exact coverage definitions and details will differ from insurer to insurer and is subject to its policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Among the 3 types of coverage, the Comprehensive Cover has the most comprehensive benefits insurance protection while the Third Party Cover has the lowest premium rates because there is only Third Party liability coverage.

However, premium rates are not determined just by the type of coverage alone.

There are also other factors like bus make and model, age of bus, claims history, excess amounts, etc. that can affect premium rates.

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